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  1. In the following ‘Field Days’ shall mean the Mildura Field Days Organising Committee’s 62nd  Annual Mildura Field Days and the M..F.D.C. shall mean the Mildura Field Days Committee.

  2. Entry fees as detailed on the Application forms must accompany the Application forms.

  3. Entry fees are as set out therein and must be paid by the Exhibitor in full prior to acceptance of the Application.

  4. The Exhibitor shall not cause any noise or perform any other act which is or maybe a nuisance to other exhibitors.  The use by the Exhibitor of amplifiers or loud speakers is strictly prohibited unless by prior agreement with the Committee.

  5. Except with the written consent previously obtained from the Coordinator, the exhibitors shall not assign or sub-let or part with the possession of the whole or any part of the site or purport to do so.

  6. The Exhibitor is responsible for the condition of the site covered by this Agreement during the currency of the Field Days and on completion of such field days the Exhibitor shall clean any part of the area affected by the Exhibitor's presence thereon to the state it was in prior to the field days or to the satisfaction of the Committee.

  7. The Exhibitor shall conform with the requirements of any act of Parliament which may govern the erection of structures for the display and/or sale of machinery and/or other products or goods of the Exhibitor’s and the regulations, by-laws and ordinances made under such acts.

  8. The committee shall have the right to sell by public auction or private treaty any structure or part there-of which has been erected on the space and still remains on such space or upon the said area after the expiration of thirteen days from the completion of the said Field Days and may retain for its own use the proceeds of any such sale.

  9. The Committee shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the Exhibitor's property whilst on the said area. Security of the Exhibitor's property or display shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor. There shall be no access to Exhibitor’s sites by the Exhibitor after 6.00pm or prior to 6.00am, unless by prior arrangement with the Committee, from which time security patrols arranged by the Committee will operate.

  10. If the Committee should find it necessary or expedient to cancel or postpone the Field Days, this agreement shall cease to operate upon notice to that effect, signed by the Secretariat served on the Exhibitor by handing it to him personally or by posting it to him in a pre-paid envelope or wrapper at the address here mentioned or at the option of the Committee by handing or offering it to any person who appears or is thought by the Secretariat to be an employee, agent or partner of the Exhibitor and the Committee shall not be liable to the Exhibitor for any compensation whether on the ground of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation  or postponement and the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund or payment of any money paid by the Exhibitor in relation to this application.

  11. The Application properly signed by the Exhibitor and including payment in full shall be in the hand of the Coordinator by 12 April 2013. Application received after that date is only accepted at the discretion of the Committee.

  12. The Exhibitor shall not conduct or permit or suffer to be conducted on the space any competition, game or sale by auction without authority of the Committee.

  13. The Exhibitor shall not fuel tractors and machines within the sale area.

  14. The Committee reserves the right to cancel this agreement and to retain any monies paid in relation thereto if there is in the opinion of the Coordinator any infringement of any of the foregoing conditions and/or if the Exhibitor does not occupy the space at the commencement of and during the full period of the said Field Days. Exhibitors are NOT to vacate sites before 5:00pm on the 1st day and 4:00pm on the 2nd day.

  15. The Committee shall not be held liable for damage caused to any property on which practical demonstration may be held.  Furthermore the committee reserves the right to forbid the use of any machine in practical demonstrations which in view of its nature and/or of the weather conditions prevailing at the time may be liable in the Committee’s opinion to cause damage to the area or the persons or property therein.

  16. The Committee reserves the right if it considers it necessary, expedient or desirable to cancel or suspend the operation of this Agreement by notice served on the Exhibitor as provided in Clause 9 in the event of any occurrence or happening which in the opinion of the Committee justified it in so doing. Moreover, the Committee shall not be liable to pay the Exhibitor for any compensation whether on the ground of loss of profits or otherwise or any refund of payment of any money paid by the Exhibitor in relation to this Agreement in respect of such cancellation or suspension.

  17. The Mildura Field Days is conducted by the M.F.D.C., a body corporate pursuant to the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act.  All rights and obligations which arise under these conditions or in relation to the Mildura Field Days shall be enforceable by or against M. F.D.C. which shall function through the Committee.

  18. In these conditions unless the contrary appears:- "the area" shall mean the area defined by the external boundary fences of the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE’s 2 x 10 acre blocks adjacent to the Institute’s buildings in Benetook Avenue, Mildura, “the Exhibitor" shall mean the body corporate, person, partnership or voluntary association whose name appears on the application to exhibit and shall include the employees, servants and agents of the exhibitor, “the Committee” shall mean the elected Committee of the M.F.D.C. and those persons engaged by them to function on their behalf, “the Secretariat” shall mean that person or persons engaged by the M.F.D.C. to act as the ‘Organising Coordinator’. Words importing the singular number shall include plural and the masculine gender the feminine or neuter and vice versa and those importing persons shall include bodies corporate.  Joint Exhibitors shall be jointly and severally bound by these conditions and shall have joint and several liabilities hereunder.  "Site" shall mean the space allocated by the Committee to an Exhibitor and shall include the immediate surrounds of such space.

  19. The M.F.D.C. reserves the right to restrict the number of exhibitors and to accept or not accept Applications at its discretion.

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